Figuring out what to write about can be the easiest part of the job or the hardest part. Before actually penning your first article, sit and think about topics in music that interest you. Do you want review songs or albums? Is the business and financial aspect of the industry fascinating you the most? There is a wide range of topics in the music industry to choose from. Here are some different topics that music journalists cover.


Reviews are incredibly important. Professional reviews of music albums are what consumers look for before make a purchasing decision. When reviewing something to write about, it is about providing your true opinion and fair praise or criticism. Reviewing anything, not just music, requires a lot of subjectivity. The most successful reviewers are ones that people find consistency in and can trust. These readers will keep coming back to your articles or website.


Like any industry, music is a part of the 24 hour news cycle. There is constant breaking news about artists, bands, and music companies. Fans of an individual singer or group want to know all the up to date goings-on about them.
News writing is one of the most difficult jobs in the industry. This writing requires being constantly up to date about multiple groups of people. It also requires the most speed for writers. When breaking news happens, no matter what time of day it is, you need to be ready to write. If posting breaking news, being delayed by even a few seconds gives other writers the chance to be first. In the news writing world, being first to break a story is all the difference between being a success or failure.

Profiles and Interviews

These are the longest articles. They also require the most in-depth research. Profiles are well-researched and detailed about some aspect of a well-known figure’s life. One way many writers get their information for these types of articles is by interviewing the actual person they are writing about. Writing interviews requires the most time and thought. In addition to writing the final piece, you need to think of engaging interview questions to get the best answers and information. While it is a lot of extra work, it pays off. Interviewing gives you the opportunity to personally meet some of the biggest names in the industry.