After choosing a topic, it is time to research it. Researching and going the extra mile to find information can make or break any journalist. Readers will keep continually coming back to writers they know are truthful and trustworthy. Having reliable sources it the key to writers having the best facts about what they are writing about. As a new writer, finding sources can be troublesome. Here are the best ways to go about finding sources.

For the beginning writer, the best available source available to them immediately is the internet. Searching online can answer many questions. It can also lead to getting false or misleading information too. A good writer will always double check every piece of information they find. Try to find multiple, reputable sources each claiming the same thing.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for online, then it might be best to go as close to the source as possible. Every major artist, singer, band, recording label, publisher or news outlet has a publicist, agent or public relations handler whose sole job is to make sure members of the media have the correct information about their client. In most cases, getting in touch with a PR representative just takes sending a quick e-mail. Going through an agent or publicist also helps build industry connections that you can use again in the future. Try to talk to as many people as possible to get as much facts as you can.

The more people you know in the business, the better. In some cases, having a good relationship with them might even lead to getting interviews or free passes. There is no better way of researching a topic than talking to the actual person you are writing about. If you write about a particular music gig, being there in person is the greatest way to cover it.