If you are a fan of or appreciate music, then a career in music journalism can be one of the most rewarding occupations you can imagine.

Everybody would love to have a job doing something that interests them and for a music lover, a career writing, reviewing, and interviewing about music is perfect. The perks and benefits sound like a fantasy for music aficionados. You get paid to listen to music and write about it. Writers can get free passes to music concerts and festivals and even backstage passes. In order to get the best information for your writings, you will sometimes be able to actually sit down and interview musicians or other prominent figures in the music industry. This does not mean that the job is not without its difficulties.

Every position in the music industry is competitive. Covering the news side of it is not an exception. For someone breaking into the business, they have to remember it is not always an easy job. It takes giving your ultimate best and using your love for music to push you further in your career.

One other benefit for someone interested in the job is that knowing how to read and write music is not required. The only requirements for the position are a love of music and the ability to express your feelings on paper.
A college degree in English or journalism is a positive, but not necessary. If you want to choose a career in music journalism without one, the internet gives anybody with an idea, critique, or opinion an outlet to practice their art. No matter if you have a degree or not, every person interested in any form of journalism has to start somewhere. It is best for every new writer to write as often as they can and write about what they enjoy.